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Uncle Ronnie’s Noodles

uncle ronnie


My Uncle Ronnie has always made these noodles. They are THE noodles. It is the most wanted and desired thing that can be brought to a family event! At least they are the food I always looked forward too. So I asked him if I can have the recipe so that I can make them for the kids and The Wife. Here is what he sent me, I love him!!!

4 eggs, salt , pepper and beat the heck out of them. Add flour slowly and mix it in until it’s very stiff. Spread flour on table, knead dough until it doesn’t stick to your hands. Roll out to the thickness you desire ( we like thick), roll it up and cut to the size you want.

Take 3 chicken and 3 beef bouillon cubes and dissolve in your pan with a quart of water, 1 stick of butter. Bring to a hard boil then add noodles. Stir slowly and often. Test with a noodle tester someone who will take a bite of noodle and see if they are soft to eat.

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