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Strawberry Pickin’ At Bateys Farm

Every year since we heard about being able to go Strawberry Pickin’ at Bateys Farm we have wanted to go. For some reason something always happens and we never get to go. This year we decided that we had to go. Just had to. So the other day The Wife called me in the morning and said she wanted to go and strawberry pick when she got off work. The baby had not been feeling well so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go. I haven’t been sleeping, he has been crying, and things have just been bad. I told her that I wasn’t sure and we would talk about it later. She got home from work pretty early which doesn’t usually happen and all she could talk about is how she wanted to go strawberry pickin’. So we went strawberry pickin’. We only had an hour to get what we wanted before they closed. Keep in mind, we have never done this before. We aren’t farming people. I don’t like bugs.

We put shoes on the baby, we all get dressed and go. We get there, get our buckets, find out what rows are the best right now and start picking. The Wife agrees to take Brogey because I have him all the time, the kids each have their own bucket, and I have my bucket. Why in the world we need that many buckets I have yet to figure out and its been a few days. So here we go.


The kids immediately took off. They were just grabbing and go-ing. We had to keep telling them only grab the red ones, we don’t want any that are part red, we don’t want that one it is more green that ripe, for the love of God, Monkey please just get the red ones, Bug please stop getting all the different leaves and stems, Brogey please stop eating the strawberries out of the dirt, etc. It was fun to watch them. We had made a sort of bet that whoever had the most strawberries would win…good/bad idea.

As you can see in the photo above Brogey just stood next to The Wife and ate the berries. It was super cute actually! He hasn’t really been a happy little one lately so it was nice to see him stick his toes in the dirt and eat some berries. The Wife was doing her best to get the coolest looking and most strawberry like berries! It was awesome. I even found one that looked like a thumbs up or a thumbs down depending on how it was turned! I wanted to get a pic of it but I lost it in my bucket!


Brogey picked some berries and gave them to Monkey. He even picked up the ones that Monkey dropped on accident. He had shoes on, at the beginning, they ended up in my back pockets! I think he was loving the dirt on his piggys! He had such a good time! Of course the pic of The Wife cracks me up!!! It is like she flexing her muscles!!! I all reality she was gesturing to the baby to come with her down the line, as you can see Bug had taken off!! But I love to think she was flexin! She so sexy!

13100788_1158077897569598_3274820291911364357_n  Not the greatest family pic lol Could have definitely used one of the selfie sticks we have! And maybe if I had my sunglasses on I would have been able to open my eyes!! Hell I am lucky we are all in the picture! We had a good time and I always try and get a pic of all of us when we do things like this as a family. And this was a first so I definitely wanted documentation! (Can I just say from the side my boobs look freaking huge!! That is not right…They are not that big at all)

In the end we got 11 pounds of strawberries, four new containers to go back and do it again, and a little sun for all of us. It was awesome. I know we all had a good time, the kids were talking about going back as soon as we were leaving. The actual winner in the challenge was The Wife and Brogey, then Monkey, then Bug, and I got the least amount…but I took the pics that will last forever! I say all in all it was a great day and we have eaten strawberries with and on everything!!! Can’t wait to go back!


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