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Ultimate Renewal Scar Cream

I ordered this scar cream Ultimate Renewal Scar Cream from Amazon because I needed to cover or reduce the amount of scarring that I have on my arms, face, etc. I have been hard on my body! There is so much scarring from just random things over the years. I have some on my face from a car accident that I really wanted to be able to lighten them. So anyway, I got this scar cream. When it came it was just a pump bottle with directions on the back of it. The directions said to use it twice a day until desired results. So at first I used it on my arm because I have sensitive skin on my face and I was unsure how it would react. I used it on my arm for three to four days, twice a day, and saw that it was lightening up. So I started using it on my face. It burned a little! I think because my face is so sensitive and this is a little harsh. So to be honest, I stopped using it on my face. My arm is looking lighter and that is awesome! I did have to be careful because I have a tattoo right by the scars that I was trying to lighten and I didn’t want my tattoo to lighten 🙂 I really do like this cream, and now I am going to use it on my daughter’s scar that she has on the back of her upper thigh! Maybe it will lighten it enough to make it less noticeable. With the results from my arm, I am thinking that it might be possible! I am super happy with this product and I am really glad that I got it. It will be well used by many people in my house!

I received this product as a complimentary and this is my honest and unbiased review Keep in mind that all thoughts reflected in this review are solely my own.

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