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Mama/Monkey School Field Trip

I don’t usually get to go to field trips because The Wife works and I have Brogey but this time we planned it to where The Wife would be off and she could be with Brogey. We went to Lucky Ladd Farms. This is the best field trip. I went with Bug when she was little too. Same age, same teacher, same grade so this was a must for me. I dropped Monkey off at school and went ahead to the farm to wait for him on the bus. I had to sit there for about an hour, but what else was I supposed to do? I just read a book and waited. The buses arrive…oh my…the pandemonium. I find him, and he runs to me and won’t let go of my hand. Aw, the mom heart melts! We stand around til it is time go in!

The first thing that we do is go and hear some farmer guy talk about the differences in animals, (Mom and Baby titles) and what they are called and what sound they make.

Monkey was a baby chick! He had to find his Hen of a mother and make chickie noises! It was adorable. He also had to say why people say his looks like his Mama, this one I couldn’t wait to hear what he said, “He said because we both have big cheeks and poop brown eyes”! I didn’t give birth to him but to him, that makes us the same! The poop brown eyes is what his Mommy tells him we have! The big cheeks are just something he notices. It was a sweet moment!

After the animal lesson we got to go on a Hay Ride. Which didn’t make any sense at all because there was no hay at all. So it was a trailer pulled tractor ride! Either way, it was fun. They had different wooden animals that were stuck in the woods off to the side. There were ladybugs, eagles, bears, snakes, etc. The kids love being able to scream out the different animals that were there. It was cute! They kept a look out for them and then screamed what sound they made and what they looked like! Monkey told me he couldn’t believe that we were still on the trailer and when was it going to be over! He is so silly.

He and I made a point to grab a quick selfie! Then I took one of him, Clayton, and Aunestie. Then the backs of Aunestie, Clayton, Monkey, Kaydence, and Aubryn. He has so many little friends. He was missing his bestie/girlfriend Avery. She is his soul mate, or so he says! This is them at the Christmas Party! They are so cute together!


They did a class picture after that. Monkey was starting to get a little antsy. He didn’t want to sit and do all these little things, he wanted to go play. It is torture to make them listen to little lectures and things before playing when there is so much to play with and on!

This is his little class. His teacher Mrs. Forster is the most amazing teacher I have ever met. She has the patience of a saint. These little kids need her all the time and she gives each of them the time and attention that they deserve. She knows that Monkey has a hard time sleeping so if he falls asleep in class she just easily wakes him until nap time. She doesn’t yell. I have never heard her raise her voice. She talks kindly and sweetly and lovingly to each and every student. I am so blessed and thankful that both Monkey and Bug had this wonderful woman as a teacher, as their first teacher. This woman will forever have our love and she will forever love our children!

Finally, Monkey thinks that it is lunch time. He is wrong, of course they make him hear another lecture, about milk, eggs, etc. All the things that come out of the animals! Poor thing, they tell me to go and order my food while this is going on so that I can eat with Monkey when the lecture is done! So I go and order my food, come back and he is already eating. We eat our lunch and do a quick selfie. I told him to be cute, this is what I got.


Now it is time for ANIMALS!!! Whoo Hoo! We got to feed them, pet them, and love on them. When we fed the animals Monkey kept trying to feed the ones that no one was feeding, of course it was impossible because some of those little goats are dang right mean and pushy! Then when we got in the pen with the animals that can be pet and brushed he found the one sheep, that I was so worried was dead that I had to ask the tour guide, and was hugging it and kissing it and petting it. He just kept saying lets take it home. It needs to live at our house. I kept saying no buddy these animals are good where they are at! Although I would love a little tiny goat!!

Then it’s time to play!! Lord, it was like the flood gates opened. The kids were basically told be careful and have fun!! And then whoosh, they were gone! I tried to stay with Monkey as much as possible, mainly because I wanted to be with him and see him and love on him but because there were too many kids there to just let him go. The mom in me!  I did have a good conversation with his teacher about how he is doing and how things are going. She said that he is falling asleep in class still, both before and after nap time, but it isn’t too bad. She just asked if we had tried anything else that will help him sleep at night because next year there are no naps…not sure what we will do then. He can’t afford to fall asleep but I don’t know what else to try….other than that she said he is reading well, writing could be a bit neater, and he is always quick to be on task and wants to please her and get praise. We all know what a ham he is! So none of that surprised me.

They played for over an hour and it was getting close to time to go, so I signed him out from Mrs. Forster and took him with me. First we stopped at the splash pad there that if he had stayed with the school he wouldn’t have been able to enjoy. By going with Mama, he got to get wet and cool down from the hot day!

Lastly, it was time for a scoop of ice cream! On our way out of the farm they have hand dipped ice cream! Monkey wanted strawberry. I got chocolate chip cookie dough! We ate them on the way home from the farm. He was so happy. He just kept telling me what a good day it was and how he was tired and couldn’t wait to get home and get dry clothes. I just laughed because we all know that he really just wanted to play on the tablet! But I did love that fact that all day long he held my hand, kissed the top of it like you a lady, hugged me, and wanted to know where I was. He is growing up so fast and I am not sure I can keep up. For a few minutes he was just a little one that needed or wanted me again. It won’t last to much longer I don’t think. This was a wonderful day just Mama and Monkey!



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