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Leak and Sweat Proof Water Bottle

I have needed a new water bottle for a long time. The Wife and Kids tend to use mine and lose the pieces. So I love the fact that this one has no pieces. It is a screw on top and a bottom. Period. That is awesome! Leak and Sweat Proof Bottle is perfect for me. It is also dishwasher safe. I love the fact that it is metal because I dropped it the other day when leaving the house and I expected to see a scratch in the paint or something of that nature and Nothing. It couldn’t even be seen that I had dropped it. It fits in the cup holder of my van, which is a plus, and it didn’t leak or sweat one time. I hate that when the I have a water bottle and it gets hot outside, it starts to leak and sweat on to the cup holder which then fills up and drips all over me. I hate that. I hate the wet dripping water bottle. I haven’t had any problems like that at all with this one. It has kept my drinks cold, my lap dry and my cup holders empty!! And to top it off, its dishwasher safe! The kids are not allowed to have this one and neither is The Wife. This one is all mine. Mine, Mine, Mine. I do wish that it was a little bigger though, it doesn’t hold a great deal of water and ice. Maybe I just drink more water than most! Super happy with it though!


I received this product as a complimentary and this is my honest and unbiased review Keep in mind that all thoughts reflected in this review are solely my own.

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