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At first I got this Firestarter as a gift for my step-dad because we thought that he would like it and well Christmas isn’t that far off, then my wife found it…she started playing with it and now we have given it a home here with us! It is probably the neatest thing I have ever seen, mainly because I am not an outdoors-woman and prefer the tranquility of air conditioning! It comes with this little saw type blade, a piece of metal with teeth cut in to it, that is about two/three inches long. Then it has a round piece of metal, that you use to get the spark. And then it has a piece of magnesium. The piece of magnesium is square. The saw blade is used to scrape the magnesium, which causes little shavings to which once there is enough built up can be ignited in to FIRE!!! WHOO HOO!!! It’s a chemistry experiment and warmth for Marshmallows all at the same time!!! I was super excited to make fire! As long as it is windy it doesn’t take that long to do either! The three items are attached to a para-cord type material on a necklace! You can either wear it as such under your shirt or something, or you can put it in a bag, or fanny pack even! (We put ours in the outside stuff in the garage) It is super easy to use, all it takes is a little tinder or dried grass to get the fire started, then once the fire has started, you just add some dry wood! Then if you are like me, you get the marshmallows and hot dogs and have a good time!! Here is the video of it in action!!! Burning Ring of Fire

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