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Filtered Infusion Water Bottle

I got the Filtered Infusion Water Bottle for when The Wife is at work and when I am out in about. I only got one to try it first because you never know how it is going to work. The first day The Wife took it to work. She works for the USPS and quite frankly I wouldn’t even want to walk in that nasty place, let alone drink water out of the fountain! So I sent it to work with her because it had filtration. I wanted to know if she tasted any difference in the water or if she noticed any difference in the color or make up of the water. The first thing that she said to me was, “wow, that’s what water is supposed to taste like”. That told me that the Filtered Infusion Water Bottle was going to work. She used it for the first few days at work and then it was time to test out the infusion part. She doesn’t like water that much, let alone flavored water! So I said I would take it and run errands and stuff like that. So I put a lemon wedge in the infuser, filled it up and was on my way. I only love lemon water. I don’t like any other fruit or flavor, just lemon. Same with in my tea. I am not sure how it would work with other fruits that tend to disintegrate but with lemon it works wonders. I didn’t eat one seed, there was no pulp, and I didn’t get that weird after taste of old sitting lemon. I love that I can buy more filters and stuff for it too. That means that when it starts getting that taste, and we all know the taste, then I can order more replacement things for it. Matching Color Replacement Filters can be easily bought for whatever color bottle you purchase! That is even cooler! I love this water bottle but I will be honest, it is probably going to go with The Wife from now on! She needs the clean water more than I need the fruity water!


I received this product as a complimentary and this is my honest and unbiased review Keep in mind that all thoughts reflected in this review are solely my own.

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