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Double Mirror

I got this mirror for The Wife because she is always needing one. She usually uses my make up mirrors, phone, etc to  being able to wax, pluck, or tweeze something. It is constant. It is actually quite annoying. So I got this for her because she hates to stand in the bathroom at the mirror. She prefers to sit on the bed, edge of the sink, couch, and floor. So this mirror is small enough that she could hold it and sit where ever she wants. One side is a regular mirror, the other side is a magnifying mirror, and it stands on a little stand. I use it standing on the side of my table for when I am sitting on my bed to put in my contacts, she uses it while holding it period. It is the cutest little Double Sided Mirror that you can get. I have contemplated getting one for my daughter. I think that it would be great for her in learning to put on make up and things like that.


I received this product at a discount and this is my honest and unbiased review. Keep in mind that all thoughts reflected in this review are solely my own.

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