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Bug and Mama at the Zoo

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Today was a good day! I always try and go on a field trip with Bug and Monkey to make it fair and today was Bug’s day! We went to Nashville Zoo! Since we went with the school we didn’t get a chance to see all the animals or see the whole zoo, there wasn’t enough time. But we did get to see some and we got to spend time together! I don’t always get to spend one on one time with the kids like I would like, so this was nice. Bug took all of the pics above and I am super proud of her, she did a pretty good job. I think I was just happy to get to be with her. I miss her. As she gets older and I realize that I am seeing a little lady grow right before my eyes. The attitude that she is getting I realize I am raising a little mouthy me! My mom would say it was my fault. 🙂 Anyway, I rode with a good friend Chrissy down to the zoo because my van is super messed up. Her daughter Davis and my Bug have been best friends since they were 4 years old. We just never get the chance to spend time with Chrissy so it was fun! When we got there I was placed with my girls. I had three little girls with my Bug included. They were all super good girls. I didn’t have any issues or anything with them except that they wanted to take their time. That wouldn’t have been a problem if they didn’t have only 2 hours to see the entire zoo. There was no way that it was going to happen. So we tried to see as much as we could. I was just happy to be with my girl. She is growing up so fast I am terrified that I am going to lose my connection with her.

We had a great time. We ate lunch and then they got to go on the playground. She played with all of her little friends and then Chrissy and I took Davis and left early! I was so happy to finally be in some air conditioning! I got to the school and picked up Monkey, and then went and got Brogey from Kyn. We were all home by the time the kids would have normally been getting out of school! All in all it was a great day. I hope that this summer I get to do some more stuff with the kids individually when The Wife is off work!



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