I haven’t blogged in a while and today I just felt the need. I am so full of emotions and feelings and I just need to articulate them. My children went and got their report cards and memory book today.

This is the hardest day of the year for me. I mean when I drop them off at school in the fall I feel bad and I am going to miss them, but to be honest due to the fact that it is the end of the LONG LONG summer of having them all home all the time, I am sort of ready to shove them out the car door at a slow roll. It isn’t that I don’t love them and want to be with them but man o man by the end of the summer this Mama is ready for them to go back to school.

As I was saying I picked up their report cards, and I haven’t stopped crying yet. My Beetle Bug is officially in 4th grade and her 3rd grade report card is all As and Bs. That to me is so awesome. She has worked so hard this year to make sure her grades stay good and that she learns and works to know what she has to know. She has an almost 5th grade reading level and isn’t even in 4th grade yet. I am such a proud Mama. She has always been shy, always sort of stuck back in the back of a crowd, and sort of let people tell her what she needs to do. This year she has stopped doing that as much. She has given more than one report in front of her class, successfully. She has made some friends that became “the prissy girls”. They all loved to wear skirts, dresses, etc. I heard that from a different teacher that wasn’t even hers and I about died. My girl, one of the prissy girls! That is too funny to me. She loves to look pretty and wear bows and dress nice and you know what, as long as she is happy I am okay with it. I do wish it wouldn’t take so long for her to get ready in the morning lol I look at her and I am not sure if I can take it. She has grown so much. She has turned in to a little lady and I am not ready for it. She was my first. She was my first child, my little girl, my cutie patootie, little bug. She is now almost as tall as me, has her own ideas and thoughts and opinions. It’s so sad. One day she is going to leave me and I hope that when that time comes that I have taught her and shown her enough that she will be alright. That is my goal for her. To be alright. To stand for what she believes in, be safe, be smart, be honest, and fight to be independent so that she knows that you can do anything and she can do it on her own.

Then it was time to go to the Monkey’s teacher. Lord, he had the most amazing teacher. She was Bugs teacher too for Kindergarten Readiness. It is because of her that we put Monkey in that class instead of going straight to kindergarten. We could have put him in Kindergarten, he passed the test, but we chose not to. I wanted him to have a good start to a strong education. I feel that this class did that for me. He can read, count over 100, knows how to write his name and other words, spells, knows colors and numbers and shapes, and is able to do basic simple math. I am sure he knows other things too, these are just a few that were mentioned on his report card. Bug had Ms. Forster because she was so shy and had never really been around other kids or anyone other than The Wife and I. So it was imperative that we put her in that class so that she could get used to the environment. Monkey went in this class because we have seen too many kids like him go straight to kindergarten and it not work out. They just aren’t ready for the next grade each time it rolls around. Next year he will be in Kindergarten. I am okay with that. He isn’t even going to be 6 until June so he will be just fine. I don’t have to worry about him. Everything he is going to do next year, he did this year, he is going to be ahead and just even stronger. Some may not agree with our decision but who cares. He is ours and we did what was right for him. Anyway, his teacher is freaking awesome. I would hire her to teach all of my kids every grade for the rest of their education. She has the patience of Job and can get these little kids to learn and do just about anything she wants them to. She brings out the best in all of them. Including my Monkey. She was able to take my little Monkey and turn him in to a little man. He is able to sit quietly when asked, he is respectable, he is able to learn, I am so proud. He is my little Monkey Moo and I am proud of him and the little man he has become. She made this Memory Book. Bug has one too. She takes pictures of them year round, she takes art work from them, keeps it all and the puts it in this Binder and calls it a Memory book. This thing makes me cry every single time I see it. I read this amazing letter that she puts in the beginning and then I look at how much my little one has changed via pictures, art works, handwriting, etc. since school started in August of last year. He has changed so much. No other teacher’s do this. They don’t care enough to do it. But could you imagine if they did. Who needs a year book when you have a Memory Book. I would rather have that then a year book any day.

I am just watching my little ones grow up and I am having a hard time with it today. I am watching them become little people, little humans, with thoughts and opinions and wants and desires. They are voicing what they want and don’t. They want to do their own thing and aren’t really needing me as much. That is hard. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my little ones but I just hope that it doesn’t take them too far from me…..