Throughout this week I have heard so many different things that children today have been doing. I heard about 12 year old commits suicidechild arrests,and child rape all this week in the state of Tennessee. I live here. My children live here. And this week alone these things have happened.

First of all what on Earth could a 12 year old have going on in their lives that no one knows about that could lead to this poor girl committing suicide. This poor girl was so upset that she took some pills and then ran off in to the woods to die. I have a daughter that is 9 years old. Though there is a difference in age, it isn’t by much. What if my daughter were so upset that she didn’t talk to anyone, didn’t say anything to anyone and then went and killed herself. I wouldn’t know what to think, say, do, feel, or believe. I feel so bad for her family. I can’t imagine the questions. The why, how, etc. I remember when I was 12. I didn’t have a reason to kill myself. Did I get made fun of sometimes, yes. Did I get upset about things and get my feelings hurt, yes. I had some really horrible things happen to me prior to this age and I still did not want to kill myself. I don’t know if it is because times changing, and the world changing or if I just never had that thought. I never desired to kill myself. It was just unheard of for people my age at that time to kill themselves. Did you cry and be upset, absolutely, but killing yourself wasn’t something you did. I hate that fact that my 9 year old daughter is going to know that people kill themselves, that this is how you do it, and this is why they did it. That to be is horrible. She shouldn’t know anything about it. I am terrified for the world and my children. I also wonder where her family was. What is so wrong in that family that she didn’t feel safe or comfortable enough to talk to them about her feelings or problems. I worry that I don’t listen to my daughter enough, that I don’t talk to her enough, I don’t understand her enough, and I worry that she isn’t going to open up to me when she has a problem. I worry that I am just not enough to save her! I try and teach her to be strong, that the opinions of other people don’t matter, that how she feels about herself is the only thing that matters in this world. I will continue to teach my daughter to be strong and opinionated and know that I am there until the day I die. I hope that is enough.

Then I read this report of a bunch of little kids being arrested. In the town I live in. Little kids arrested. What the hell…I watched the video, I read the story, I watched the news cast and quite frankly I am appalled. First of all where the hell are those kids parents. They were not on school property, so where were the adults. The youngest child was the same age as my Monkey. I couldn’t imagine someone putting handcuffs on him and taking his little self to jail. I would freak the hell out. What could a child of that age do that is so terrible to warrant handcuffs. I saw the video. I saw the group of children from ages 6ish to 11ish treating that other child horribly. I heard them cussing, throwing things, hitting at him, and trying to force him in to an altercation. I want to saw someone raised that child right, he didn’t fight back. He didn’t turn on them and just go nuts. He kept walking. At some point I would have expected my child to finally defend themselves. But if they didn’t I would be okay with that too. Come home to Mama, she will defend you to the death! Those other kids that were harassing that poor kid need to have their asses wore out. Plain and simple. Some soap in the mouth and a hand across the hiney. How dare you talk to another person like that. The main problem I had with this is the fact that the children were all arrested at school during school for something that had nothing to do with school. None of their parents were there. No one called their guardians and said hey, this is what is going on. Not until the kids had been booked in to the juvenile detention center. Lord have mercy. You don’t have to arrest my small child. Tell me what they did, show me what they did, and watch out because I will bring a fury like you have never seen before. But to call me and tell my that my 6 year old was arrested, taken to jail, and waiting on me to come get them. I don’t think so. How dare you? Legally you aren’t allowed to even talk to my children without me present, I am pretty sure arresting them falls under the same category. What is the world coming to? Those kids hear and see that crap on TV, from their parents, older siblings, etc. They aren’t born knowing that hate. It is something that has been shown to them. I cuss, my wife and I argue and say some nasty things to each other sometimes, and I have some nasty road language. But I don’t teach my children hate. I don’t let them watch violence on TV, I don’t let them play violent games, we have done our best to keep our children children. They are meant to be innocent and that is how we would like them to stay. There is too much evil in the world for us to introduce it to them. No scary movies, nothing like that. Why give them a taste of reality before its needed.

Finally, this case really really upset me. First of all, who the hell do you think you are? These are freaking children. Children. They are little innocent beings. And you are a grown ass adult. If you are so hard up for sexual acts, there are women at bars that can be paid or bought for the right price. Hell, you can just take care of yourself. But to harm a child. I think that it makes you more worthy of Hell than one else. I believe those that harm children ought to be taken and stoned. They should be fed to wild animals. They shouldn’t be allowed three hots and a cot. That is messed up. Not only that but they will be placed in segregation so that they aren’t harmed in general population. Are you insane. Throw the bastard out there and let what happens happens. This guy deserves the most horrid living conditions for the rest of his life. Not death, that is too easy. He was investigated and while investigated it happened to another child. So now he has two children that he has harmed. Seriously, because of bureaucracy and due process he couldn’t just be arrested, there had to be more information, more evidence. What? How is that right? I am telling you this world is going to hell in a hand basket. Instead of worrying about where people pee and poop we should be worried about making our children safer. We should be worrying about keeping our kids safe and happy and healthy. That should be the priority of the county. Not who is going to be President because we all know that is rigged, not where someone decides to use the potty, etc. We should be worrying about the easy sale and purchase of weapons, we should be worrying about our children being safe at school, we should be worrying about the mental and physical health of children,etc. none of these things are happening and this week alone children killed themselves, harassed and bullied others, a cop arrested a  bunch of kids without telling their parents, and finally two children were harmed in ways that are unacceptable and appalling. What am I going to do for my children? How do I keep them safe? How do I make sure that they leave childhood, still children…..