Today was an amazing day with my kids! It doesn’t always happen like that. Sometimes when I have to take the kids by myself when I run errands, it goes so bad!!! Any mom that has three little ones and a ton to do knows what I mean. But today was a great day! We got up and went to some yard sales, got something to eat at McDonald’s (their choice), and then ran the errands. Going to the yard sales was a bust, for some reason the whole “one man’s trash….” thing is not working in our favor! We have spent the last two Saturday’s going to yard sales…got nothing….not one item have we found or wanted or needed…it sucks!! The kids love riding around though and it has been so pretty! We get lunch and then ride around, last time it was breakfast and riding around!

After we got done going to the yard sales we decided to go get Monkey’s hair cut! He was looking rough and next weekend we are having the kids pictures done! He needed to look good! So we took him to Sport’s Clips where the lovely ladies there make him feel like a handsome little man! They treat him like any other client and the fawn all over him! He loves it. He soaks it up! Such a Ham! He talks to them and tells them he has two moms, that he has a baby brother, and a big sister! He tells them about his teacher Ms. F! He cracks me up! The ladies eat him up! It’s a good time for all!


Then we went to Five Below where I let the kids pics one little toy. They got to chose it themselves and I just sort of walked around while they did it! Everything in that place is $5 or under so I knew I was okay with anything that they picked! Monkey got these mashem things that I don’t understand and then Bug got one too! These kids! They pick the weirdest things to play with, and it always seems to be the things that I think are garbage and end up throwing away when it comes time to go through them!! Oh well, it keeps them happy for a while!

As we were leaving Five Below I was sitting at the red light and there was a homeless person to my right. He kept looking up and down at the cars and stuff and no one said anything to him. I don’t normally give to the homeless that are panhandling because you never know if they are legit or not. I have seen to many news stories and stuff. Finally I just keep feeling like I need to see how much cash I have. I look, and I have $2. I don’t carry much cash but since we had been out and about and I thought we were going to be doing the yard sale thing, I needed cash and so that was all I had left. I just kept staring at the old man and something told me to give it to him, I called him over, window not rolled down all the way (I am a single mom in the car with three little kids, you never know) I offer him the $2 and he reaches for it, looks in the back seat and sees the kids, and asks me if I am sure, he said ma’am you have little ones, are you sure!? I said yes, I am sure. He said to the kids “You have a good mom” and told me “God Bless” and I drove away because the light was green. I don’t understand why he believes I am good mom just because I gave him two dollars, but it felt pretty good to hear it. I don’t always feel like it. Sometimes I feel like the worst mom in the world and that everything I do is wrong. As weird as it is coming from a homeless man on the side of the road, it made me feel pretty good! This whole event just got to me…..

Finally, we get to the last place of the day. We go to Once Upon A Child and get the kids a few pairs of shorts and Bug a new white dress because the one she was supposed to wear on Saturday she wore to school and got her lunch on it…lord that child…how she gets stuff all over her, I have no clue. They were so good for me today. They didn’t fight, they didn’t argue, they didn’t fight with me…it was a good day!


Now we are going to go to dinner at Camino Real Mexican Restaurant. We decided to invite some friends to go with us! It will be so much fun because well, we have never eaten out with them. Davis and Bug have been friends since they were in Ms. F’s class almost five years ago, needless to say as much time we have spent with that girl she is family!! We love her to bits! It will be fun to spend time with her and her mom and little sister! What a great end to a gorgeous day!